A new version of ‘SMS Alerts Module’ with push-message support

14 november 2013

ARQA Technologies released a new version of ‘SMS Alerts Module’ – 2.0.0.

The principal new feature of the current version is a novel way of user notification– push-messages – that has been added to SMS and e-mail alerts.

The new type of message goes out to the following user mobile devices:

  • iOS-powered user terminals iQUIK and iQUIK-HD (supported in versions iQUIK 1.6 and iQUIK-HD 1.7 or later),
  • Android-powered user terminal QUIK Android (supported in QUIK Android version 1.2 or later).

The new type of alerts is activated after a standard procedure of subscription to this particular service from a given terminal. The client may not only subscribe to push-messages as an additional method of receiving alerts but also select a range of parameters he wants to be notified about should they change (e.g. items in the Table of current parameters, price of an instrument, etc.).

Push-messages may cover the following events:

  • execution/cancellation of client’s order;
  • execution/cancellation of client’s stop-order;
  • change of a given parameter in the Table of current parameters;
  • trade execution.

It is worth noting that with the above-mentioned type of notification the user does not need to keep the workstation switched on. Having received a push-message the client may connect by one CLICK to the workstation which will be automatically turned on.

Other features:

  1. The new version of the module has a modified algorithm of using a stand-in SMS-message provider in cases when the main provider is out of range. The Broker may set a number of attempts for sending an SMS-message through the main provider before a stand-in provider service is used.
  2. Additionally, the new version of the module is capable of sending out group alerts to the users of QUIK workstations. Alerts will be delivered to workstations and displayed in the ‘Alert window’.
  3. Now users that activated in their QUIK workstation the setting ‘Change of connection status at the server’ will receive SMS/e-mail-alerts on connection and disconnection from the QUIK server.
  4. Trade alerts may now include the instrument purchase price from a corresponding parameter of an instrument limit. Limit alerts now include a ‘type of limit’ parameter.

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