A new version of QUIK Workplace – 6.16

9 december 2014

ARQA Technologies released a new version of the principal user application – QUIK Workstation – 6.16.

The following changes were made:

  1. Changes in tables:
    • Limits of planned position (with settlements T+3 and more) will be displayed in Limits for securities and Cash limits tables in the same way as in Client portfolio table: with ‘Tx’ value in Limit kind field.
    • ‘Consider qualified clients’ setting allows specifying the margin levels and highlighting the clients working in ‘by leverage’ lending scheme (MLim and MP clients) in color in Client portfolio table depending on margin level values.
    • Description of restriction type ‘Deposit funds in foreign currency’ has been added to Client Account Limits Table.
  2. Changes in order entry forms:
    • Code ‘X0’ has been added to the list of available settlement codes in form of entering negotiated orders in MOEX auctions.
    • Orders for executing trades on class ‘REPO with CCP 1 day’ now can be sent from the United Level II quotes table that forms a queue of orders sorted by interest rate for securities selected by user.
  3. The menu item Help/Version components and plugins… allows to manage plugins available in QUIK Workstation. For the full list of changes see here.

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