A new version of QUIK workplace — 6.15

3 october 2014

Most significant changes in the new version of the QUIK Workstation concern diplayed parameters and tables and functionality for working with graphs.

Significant changes in parameters and tables are:

  • The Table of Cash Liabilities and Claims is no longer used to display cash liabilities. Liabilities and claims for cash are now displayed in the Table of Asset liabilities and claims which is available via Trading → CCP → Asset liabilities and claims....
  • A new table Individual risk parameters was added. This table is available via Trading → CCP → Individual risk parameters….

Changes in graphs:

  • Displaying price parameters of graphs in a logarithmic scale was added.
  • Saving instrument settings on the chart with subsequent changing, moving and deletion of an instrument if its description wasn’t received from the QUIK server was implemented. This functionality is especially helpful when futures contracts are expiring.

For clients using the margin lending scheme “by discounts” the following changes are provided in algorithms of the purchasing power calculation of the Client portfolio and Buy/Sell tables:

  • A new QUIK server setting allows using all securities for which discounts are translated by the trading system as margin securities.
  • The cash scheme of calculating positions on the MOEX FX market is supported.​

Now it is possible to place iceberg orders of the trading system from the Level II Quotes table.

For the full list of changes see here.

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