A new version of QUIK workplace – 6.13

11 june 2014

ARQA Technologies released a new version of the principal user application — QUIK Workstation. The version has improved ergonomics and a wider selection of displayed parameters and tables.

One ergonomic improvement is an opportunity to transfer separate windows out of the main working window. This may be convenient when additional monitors are available for those windows. Windows are managed through a ‘window manager’ interface.

Chart usage — now, when the cursor points at a chart its key points are highlighted. In the ‘channel’ trend it is now possible to change the slope and space between lines. Other changes of the same group include:

  • Forwarding not just one but several highlighted transactions at a time out of the ‘transaction pocket’ table;
  • Highlighting and copying a text out of the message window to the exchange buffer.

Other notable features of the new version include:

  • Support of a specialized order entry form for ‘exchange REPO of the Bank of Russia with a security basket,
  • Support of settlement codes T0…T30 for Warsaw stock exchange,
  • A new table ‘Wider responsibilities of market maker in stock and FX market’,
  • New parameters and fields specifying operational risks at FX market.

For the full list of changes see here.

It must be pointed out that workplaces starting from version 6.13 do not support the operational system Windows 2000.

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