A new system developed on QORT platform – reQORT

10 november 2013

As of November, 5 of this year financial institutions are obligated to report OTC trades at REPO and currency swap markets to one of the repositories.

ARQA Technologies released a solution for compliance with the task. The new software has been developed on the basis of the QORT platform and has been named QORT Repository (reQORT). The new solution collects and registers information related to all OTC trades with derivative instruments for reporting to the regulator.

The new software product reQORT generates reports about REPOs and currency swaps in the FpML format. Reports include agreements about a currency swap and/or REPO and information on fulfillment of contractual obligations.

The new product may be used as a separate system or an additional module to another QORT-basedsolution — the automated back-office backQORT.

To read more about the software visit the website page.

All questions concerning the product may be forwarded to the Sales and marketing department of ARQA Technologies — tel. +7 (383) 219 16 19 or e-mail sales@arqa.ru.

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