10 years of ARQA Technologies

30 april 2010

This spring ARQA Technologies celebrates its 10-th anniversary.

In the distant from now year of 2000 a score of programmers were developing a first version of software with an off-beat name QUIK and servicing 20 financial institutions in Siberia. Today the Company employs close to a hundred professionals and its software and services are used by 300 banks and investment companies in Russia and abroad for their own needs and those of tens of thousands of their clients.

Over ten years of its life the software named QUIK evolved from a high speed information system providing data on exchange auction results into a full-fledged front office system of real time direct access to trade floors of all Russian and Ukrainian exchanges and 12 foreign ones. The system is functionally flexible and customized for various customer categories.

A strong technical center in Moscow offers QUIK on terms of outsourcing and provides backup services for banks and investment companies. The center currently services 50 financial institutions.

Three years ago the Company started active development of a new software platform QORT aimed at automation of standard operations of banks and investment companies while acting at financial markets. The platform provided solutions for middle and back offices. The solutions have been implemented in 12 institutions of Russia and Ukraine.

Thus, ARQA Technologies is meeting its tenth anniversary with a full product range for financial markets operators including front to back solutions.

ARQA Technologies participates in all key trade fairs and conferences on financial technologies held in Russia and abroad. The Company is closely involved in the work of technical committees of leading Russian exchanges, monitoring the latest trends of trade technology development and trying to shape them. This competence makes sure that our customers receive immediate support of new functional possibilities of trading systems.

The core of our business along with technologies and software is our customers and partners. We have always strived to provide them with fast and quality technical and organizational support as well as consult them about our products and services applied to their business technologies and traditional practices. As a matter of fact our complex software solutions and technical services are a result of joint creative work by us and our customers and partners. We are thankful to them and look forward to such productive collaboration in the future.

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