Additional services provided by Data Centres

ARQA Technologies offers the services for connecting to one of the Data Centers via a dedicated access port (cross connect) or via a VPN port. Special service of optimizing QUIK server environment (when used as a service) is provided on request.

Access to Data Centre of ARQA Technologies

  1. Access via a dedicated access port (cross connect)
    The service connects points of presence of a client company and ARQA Technologies at M1. With this service a client gets access to ARQA Technologies’ dedicated, high-bandwidth communication channel between M1 and M10.

  1. VPN Access via a VPN port
    This service consists in accepting and processing a VPN channel over the Internet in the Data Centre of ARQA Technologies at M10 from the data centre of the client that uses a number of services at M10.

Optimization of QUIK server performance

Optimization of infrastructure and program environment of QUIK server to improve its performance
This service consists in special tuning of dedicated equipment and software in order to use the server part of QUIK as a high-performance trading platform and risk-server. The service may be required by clients engaged in algorithmic trading. The software and system environment are set with consideration for clients’ tasks and trading styles.

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