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3 april 2018

Webinar ‘QUIK from vendor: First steps. Viewing market data’

Another webinar from ‘QUIK from vendor’ series took place on 29 March as part of joint project of ARQA Technologies and MOEX School.

29 march 2018

New FIX program interface versions released — FIX adapter 3.47.1 and FIX Client Connector 3.47.0

The latest FIX adapter and FIX Client Connector have expanded their data transmission functionality.

27 march 2018

New OMS Manager Module — version 4.3

ARQA Technologies released a renovated version of OMS Manager Module that constitutes the backbone of ARQA OMS. The latest release features additional functions for working with FIX-clients.

12 march 2018

New webinar ‘First steps. Connection’ from ‘QUIK from the vendor’ series

ARQA Technologies together with MOEX School continues a series of webinars about QUIK trading terminal capabilities.

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