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5 december 2017

New module of QORT – the Module of monitoring non-standard operations

ARQA Technologies released a new module for back office backQORT — the Module of monitoring non-standard operations.

2 november 2017

depoQORT — a new product of ARQA Technologies

ARQA Technologies released a new software product based on QORT platform — the system of depositary record keeping for securities depoQORT.

26 may 2017

Joint seminar of Bloomberg and ARQA Technologies in Moscow

On 18 May in the Bloomberg office in Moscow, the two companies held a joint seminar for their existing and potential clients in order to highlight product integration between Bloomberg and ARQA Technologies and illustrate the targets these products aim to achieve.

27 april 2017

Alfa-Capital Management Company installed a line of solutions from ARQA Technologies including a specialized asset manager’s middle office capQORT

Alfa-Capital Management Company — a part of Alfa Group Consortium — installed a line of solutions from ARQA Technologies: front-office platform QUIK, back office backQORT and middle office for asset manager capQORT, which performs the integrating function of system management.

7 april 2017

ARQA Technologies announces middle and back office QORT solutions support Bloomberg's financial data

ARQA Technologies announced today that new modules of the QORT platform solutions, the 'Bloomberg Data License QORT Program Interface' and the 'Bloomberg VCON drop copy QORT program interface' — are available for banks, investment and asset management companies.

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