ARQA Technologies

ARQA Technologies has been developing comprehensive solutions and technologies for automation of all major business processes of banks, investment and asset management companies, and commodity traders.

Software Products

The company offers the full line of 'front-to-back' solutions for automation of operations on financial markets and their record keeping.

A front office that allows traders of banks, investment and asset management companies, and their clients to trade on Russian and foreign financial markets. 

Over the years, QUIK user terminals have become the main tool for exchange trading in Russia.

These are solutions for end-to-end automation of middle and back office operations of banks, investment and asset management companies: monitoring and managing positions and risks covering all markets and groups of participants, determining P&L, automation of accounting operations, preparing reports, providing information about OTC trades to the national settlement depositary.

We offer a set of solutions to address current business tasks

All solutions use existing products and services of ARQA Technologies.
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QDealing: service to agree on terms of OTC trades

Service to agree on terms of OTC trades.

Setting up trading infrastructure on basis of QUIK

The QUIK product line presents an opportunity to set up platforms for organizing exchange and off-exchange trading in financial instruments.

QUIK OMS — Sales&Trading

Classic OMS for sell side that provides clients with services of Sales&Trading.


OMS for serving clients at OTC markets.

Access to international markets from QUIK

Conducting operations with financial instruments on international markets and providing access for clients.

FX Dealing

Facilitates access of broker’s clients to FX instruments.

Back Office for Bank Operations

Automation of back office operations in a bank, providing up-to-date information and reporting to clients and market regulators.

Electronic Document Flow for Brokers

Document management optimization and automation.

Consultations and Testing

The current and potential clients of the company can use the audit service of QUIK and apply for free consultation and testing of software solutions.

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Audit service

ARQA Technologies offers the audit services for the trading infrastructure based on QUIK and for the configuration and QUIK software settings in terms of their business efficiency.

Presentations and testing

Presentations are delivered through Zoom, a specialised service for remote conferencing (webinars). After consulting with the client, ARQA Technologies specialists suggest appropriate testing scenarios for software products.

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