QUIK Android

QUIK Android is a user application for the QUIK broker system designed for Android devices. The application is connected to QUIK server with a certain broker, and enables you to obtain market information in real time, and to trade.

QUIK Android allows

  • Obtaining market information for various instruments traded on the allowed venues, i.e. the venues that are connected to broker’s QUIK server.
  • Monitoring bid/ask queue for securities. 
  • Plotting price trend charts.
  • Monitoring current status of the portfolio.
  • Placing buy/sell orders for instruments including conditional orders (stop orders).
  • Monitoring execution of your own orders, viewing the list of transactions.
  • Viewing news feeds that are allowed by the broker.
  • Receiving push-notifications on the events that meet user-defined conditions. Push-notifications are sent to the device whether or not the application is running Push-notifications are only supported if the broker uses Alert dispatch module v 2.0 or higher.

Orders and stop orders table, information on the selected instrument:



  1. The main menu can be opened by tapping the button in the upper left corner of the screen, after the connection with the server is established. Each item of the main menu opens a table with the key information.
  2. Detailed information can be viewed by tapping a row. For example, from the Market table you can open Level II Quotes table, the entry form for a new order or a window for entering notification for the value of the current instrument parameter.
  3. Various orders (market, limit, stop orders) are filled in from a single entry form.
  4. Orders and stop orders are displayed in the same table divided into sections. The status of the orders is indicated by the font colour.
  5. Orders and stop orders are displayed in the same table divided into sections. The status of the orders is indicated by the font colour: blue (executed), red (active), and white (killed).
  1. Notifications can be configured for the following events:
    • Full execution / cancellation of the client's order;
    • Full execution / cancellation of the client's stop order;
    • Change in value of the current parameter;
    • Closure of a trade when the order is completely or partially filled;
    • When the event occurs, the user receives a push-notification.
  2. The application can automatically connect to the server if the required connection parameters are specified in the settings (‘Settings’ menu), and the password is stored.

QUIK Android is connected to QUIK server using the same protocol that is used by QUIK workstation. QUIK Android also uses similar access keys and connections settings file (ip.cfg) for user authorisation, and data protection.

Hardware and software requirements

Hardware Product name

ARMv7 processor or better.

Screen resolution at least 800x480.

OS Android 2.3 – 7.1.

Use options

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