PFTS trading interface

The PFTS trading system (based on NASDAQ OMX and Moscow Exchange technologies) uses advanced deposition of money and securities and automatic execution of orders. PFTS Trading Interface enables connection between QUIK system and the gateway of PFTS trading system.

Module Functions

  • The Module provides access to all trading regimes and to all traded instruments at PFTS. 
  • Receiving information about the trading process at the current trading session, current state of the broker’s accounts (cash and DEPO), and orders and trades made in respect to those accounts. 
  • Transmitting orders of any type supported by the trading system.
PFTS gateway can be installed on the same computer with the QUIK server. Connection to the PFTS trading system can be implemented both through dedicated communication channel (it is recommended so) and Internet.

This module is available for purchase by an authorized participant of PFTS as part of QUIK-Broker configuration.
With questions about purchase and setup of the PFTS gateway, please contact Andrey Oleynik, tel. (Kiev) +38 (044) 277-50-00, 277-50-04, e-mail:

Hardware and software requirements

Hardware Product name

Processor Intel Xeon Gold 5118 or better,


10 GB available hard disk space.

OS Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (x64).

Application software for the ASTS Trading System gateway (by CMA or Moscow Exchange).

The indicated hardware and software requirements are minimal. With ample resources the interfaces may be installed on the same PC as the QUIK server. Any arising questions may be addressed to the QUIK Technical Support.

Use options

Purchase Managed services / System backup Hosting Testing
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