FIX Integration

The module of FIX integration is designed for interaction between the QORT server and external software platforms by means of FIX protocol and uploading the received information to the QORT server.

  1. The Module can be configured to work with clients using FIX protocol version 4.4. The Module must be installed on the same computer where QORT server software is installed.
  2. Uploading of required data and integration with various external platforms can be implemented upon a client request.
  1. To assess the possibility of such integration specialists of ARQA Technologies need to be acquainted with documentation for implementation of the external FIX solution (specification of partner-used FIX protocol version) as well as access to testing environment of the partner to test the resulting solution.
FIX (Financial Information eXchange) is a specialized real-time financial information exchange protocol. The FIX protocol is a de-facto international standard of exchange between broker software and has been widely used in trading platforms.
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